Day 1 of the Health Advent

Lavender: The Oil of Verbal Communication

7x Monoterpenes 45-55%, 1x Esters 30-37%, 2x Alcohols1-3%, 2x Sesquiterpines 0-2%

Lavender aids verbal communication. It calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings. Individuals in NEED of Lavender hide within, blocking all forms of true self expression. … Do you know anyone that hates Lavender? Think if the statement above fits.

Lavender supports individuals in releasing the tension and constriction that stem’s from fear of expressing one’s Self. It encourages emotional honesty and insists that one speak their innermost thoughts and desires.

I hope this gives you a better appreciation of this amazing oil we often call the ‘Swiss Army Knife’.


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