All You Can Drink Tea – Chapels on Whatley

Last weekend my friend took me to Chapels on Whatley in Perth. We both love tea, delicious food and great company so it turned out to be the perfect way to spend Sunday morning.

Chapels is an Asian Western fusion place. From when you step into the cafe it feels like you entering a world far away. Teas are everywhere and lots of tea accessories. As you walk through you get the chance to explore the courtyard at the back filled with lanterns, comfortable settings and a stunning buddha water  feature.

Chapels is certainly a place where you can spend a few hours chilling and enjoying the moment. We took advantage of the all you can drink tea for $5.50 per person. With this offee you get to try all the teas you like within a 2 hour time frame. One of our absolute favourites was the oolong and ginseng tea.

The food also is Asian fusion. We shared the pandan cakes and were not disappointed. The pancakes are perfectly combined with mango and passionfruit coulis topped with toasted coconut. My taste buds were happily dancing. If you are a tea lover and haven’t checked out Chapels make sure you do.