Gratitude Day 2 – The Driver that Changes Everything

We all get those days where it seems to be that little bit harder to get up. Often it might be during the week when most of us go to a job. It can feel like the bed is holding you captive and it seems harder to make that first step out of bed.

Today I am grateful for a very special bus driver. He is the kind of person that greets everyone with a BIG smile. He adds little comments as the passengers come onboard such as “only 2 days to go until the weekend”. This driver is also the only driver that I have seen that wishes everyone a great day as the bus pulls into the train station.

What an impact could we all have on this world we live in if we only shared a smile with someone or truly cared with love? Perhaps there would be a shift where we might start looking forward to the weekdays and realise how truly powerful our attitude to life is.