Day 22 of the Health Advent

Rose of Sharon  Cistus –  The Oil of Tranquility
2x Monoterpenes 42-65%, 3x Alcohols 9-15%, 5x Esters 5-12%, 4x Ketones 5-10%, 

3x Aldehydes 3-6%, 2x Diterpenols 1-2%, 1x Carboxylic Acid 0-1%

This oil can quieten the mind and calm and relax the body.  It can also stimulate the five senses.  Cistus is oxygenating to the brain and a great oil for meditation.

Emotions Addressed:  Unease, disquiet, apprehension.

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Day 21 of the Health Advent

Myrtle – The Oil  of Balance
2x Oxides 31-48%, 3x Monoterpenes 30-45%, 8x Esters 8-22%, 7x Alcohols 5-18%, 

4x Aldehydes 2-5%, 1x Phenols 1-4%, 2x Furanoids 1-3%, 1x Lactones 1-2%

This is an oil that can bring back balance in our lives.  It can free you if the rigidity of holding on to a belief that does not serve you.  It balances the male and female energies by releasing anger and conflict.

Emotions addressed:  Rigidity, pride the need to always be right.

Day 20 of the Health Advent

Hyssop – The Oil of Self
3x Ketones 39-65%, 8x Monoterpenes 20-40%, 3x Sesquiterpenes 3-7%, 

3x Sesquiterpenols 1-5%, 3x Phenols 2-5%, 2x Alcohols 1-2%, 2x Esters 1-3%, 1x Oxides 0-1%

Hyssop is an ancient oil that was mentioned 12 times in the Bible.  It has been used to assist with focus while meditating.  This oil can help those in struggle to re-identify with their true self.  A chance to remove the shackles of trauma, pain and sorrow and to experience happiness and laughter again.  

Emotions addressed:  Pain and anguish.

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Day 15 of the Health Advent

Spikenard –  The Oil of Piety

7x Sesquiterpenes 36-50%, 5x Monoterpenes 27-45%, 5x Sesquiterpenols 6-11%, 4x Ketones 7-10%, 1x Phenolic Aldehydes 1-2%, 1x Coumarins, 1x Oxides, 1x Carboxylic Acids 0-1%

Rebelling against power and authoritarians can be released with this oil.  A great oil for all emotional release and higher spiritual connection.  Spikenard was used for centuries as an anointing oil and to induce meditation.  Opens the solar plexus and heart chakras.

Emotions addressed:  Agitation, aggression, hostility
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Day 13 of the Health Advent

Galbanum The Oil of Direction

6x Monoterpines 50-95%, 4x Sesquiterpinols 3-5%, 3x Esters 1-3%, 3x Coumarins 0-3%, 1x Carboxylic Acid 0-1%, 1x Diazines –1%, 1x Furanoids 0-1%

An amazing oil to ground you and uplift the spirit.  Galbanum can help us to let go of the old beliefs and embrace new thoughts and programming.  This oil has been used for meditation and can assist you with spiritual guidance.

 Emotions addressed.  Fear, doubt, anxiety, phobias.
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Day 11 of the Health Advent

Stress Away – The oil of Comfort
A relaxing, calming aroma that can give a sense of security, grounding and peace.  A combination of Coapiba, Lavender, Cedarwood , Ocotea and Lime brings a balance of essential oils that can address our body systems needs and leave you feeling very relaxed.
Emotions addressed:  frustration, aggravation, anxiety, panic, fear.

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Day 12 of the Health Advent

Cassia – The Oil of Support

4x Aldehydes 75-85%, 1x Coumarins 6-8%, 6x Phenols 4-10%, 2x Esters 2-6%, 1x Alcohols 2-3%, 2x Carbolic Acids 1-3%

Cassia is a member of the Cinnamon family.  It can be a restful and calming oil.  It helps us to release the barriers to our higher self, our source.  Allowing us to unlock the inhibitions that stop us from achieving our highest potential.

Emotions addressed:  suppression, overwhelm and inhibition


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Day 10 of the Health Advent

RC The Oil of Openness.

Uplifting and energizing.

Opening up the heart and solar plexus chakras is beneficial with RC oil. For anyone who is feeling depleted, holding on to sadness and grief in the heart and lungs can see relief with this oil.

RC oil helps us to express ourselves better in the world, allowing us to embrace joy and hope again.


Day 9 of the Health Advent

Pan Away The oil of Relief

A cooling and energizing oil that promotes wellbeing.

When the body or mind is struggling and near exhaustion this is the oil to use. This is an uplifting oil that can assist in times of being overcome with burn-out. When one is fearful and afraid of expressing emotions, this oil may assist to strengthen ones resolve.

A combination of Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum and Peppermint this is a very powerful oil to keep handy in busy times, like the lead up to Christmas.


Day 8 of the Health Advent

Purification The oil of Cleansing

Uplifting and refreshing. A lovely oil on Christmas day!

Areas that require clearing of negative emotions can be cleared by dispersing Purification oil, just as smudging with sage, has been used by many. Vibrational cleansing can renew and refresh from chaotic and heavy energy. Diffusing Purification in either a work space or home to clear out emotionally charged energy, can leave the space energized and refreshed.

A great air and laundry freshener that can neutralise odours. An excellent oil traditionally used to deter insects.

Emotions Addressed: Irritation, aggravation, anger.

Day 7 of the Health Advent

Digize – The Oil of Freedom
Digize can be uplifting to the spirit and stimulating to the senses.  This is an amazing oil to release the beliefs and attitudes we lock into our gut.  We often will say ‘what does your gut say’ and we hold expressions there that can sometimes hold us back from reaching for the stars.  Listen to your gut feelings and use Digize to assist in moments of fear.  This oil can bring a sense of compassion to a situation, taking you from hopelessness to hopeful.

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Day 3 of the Health Advent

Peppermint: The oil of a Buoyant heart

Note: Peppermint has the Phenols, Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes in it …we remember how those compounds assist our cellular health? Research for yourself to understand better!

1xPhenolic Alcohols 34-44%, 3xKetones 15-25%, 10xMonoterpenes 6-15%, 8xSesquiterpenes 5-10%, 3xEsters 4-9%, 3xOxides 3-9%, 1xFuranoids 3-8%, 3xAlcohols 2-6%, 1xSesquiterpenols 1-2%, 1xFuranocoumarins 0-1%, 1xSulphide 0-1%

This is an oil that can bring lightness, joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. Feel like you are gliding through life, lifting out of the darkness and emotional trials for a short time. This is a great oil to use at times when one feels disheartened. Can give one a short breather from the emotions that are difficult to deal with.

EMOTIONS ADDRESSED: Unbearable pain, intense darkeness, heaviness, pessimistic, muddled.