Gratitude Day 5 – Like a Flower Without the Sun

If there was no sun most of the plants and flowers would not be able to survive. The sun is a crucial source where plants get their nutrition from in order to thrive. The body is exactly the same. Our body needs critical nutrients and trace minerals in order to function at its best and to support all the systems and processes. Without the right trace minerals we would lose electrolyte balance in the cells and this can then contribute to premature ageing and heart disease.

Today I am grateful for Mineral Essence by Young Living. This is one of my key supplements that I use to support my health. Mineral Essence contains over 62 ionic trace minerals, royal jelly, honey and essential oils to support absorption. As you can see I always make sure I have enough in my fridge!


Young Living conducted extensive research in order to determine that seawater and essential oils optimise conditions for a first rate mineral formula. Minerals also need to be perfectly balanced otherwise if an element is in excess it may create a reduced level in another element.

I love this company so much because at the centre of everything that they do is the creation of products that are of purpose. It is about supporting a better life. If you would like to find out more about my passion then click on the Transformation tab on the top menu.