Are You Brave Enough to take Your Mask off?

All too often we put on masks to hide the real us. Whether it is because we want to be liked by others or perhaps we want to fulfill other expectations of us. We are scared what others may think, we are scared to show our real passions. We might love to meditate and tune into ourselves to reveal our inner guidance and wisdom that we have always access too. Perhaps we are unsure of wearing our favourite clothes outside of our home because they are not what is currently in fashion. Or perhaps we have this hope and passion for a life where we work from home and get to spend more time with our loved ones.

From a vibrational perspective there is nothing more freeing than to be our true self. To share our light and what lights us up enables us to spread more love in the world. I am dedicating this new year 2017 to lifting my vibration and aligning with who I really am. Do more of what feels good and follow the bliss. In the past I have often been very driven and taken the upstream river approach whereas this year I am going to allow more. I am taking the approach that things do not have to be hard and always done forceful. I am going to flow. Are you brave enough to take your mask off and discover your true self?



A Different Way of Goal Setting

A few years back my husband and I decided to go hot air ballooning for our birthdays. We went to the Avon Valley in Western Australia and it was truly am experience. The hard part was that we had to get up in the middle of the night but it was well worth it.

Once our guides had located the right starting position, the hot air balloon was prepared and we were on our way. The views were breath taking especially as the sun rose. Beneath us we would hear sheep especially as we slowly started descending. I was very surprised but the landing was rather smooth. Apparently it can get rough depending on the weather and the first point of contact.


A few weeks after the experience my husband and I were chatting along when he pointed to the Vision Board I had made a few years ago. Back then I had put a picture of a hot air balloon on and the interesting thing was that it looked exactly the same as the one we flew in. Some might say coincidence but there were two balloons the morning we took our flight so we also could have ended up in the other balloon that looked nothing like the one on the Vision Board I had created.

So you might wonder what a Vision Board is. In order to make a Vision Board you need to find pictures of what you would like in life and your goals, cut them out and stick or pin them on a background. You can print pictures or even cut them out of magazines. Once you have finished your Board you need to hang it up in a spot where you will be able to see of every single day on multiples occasions. For example I hung mine up in the bedroom.

Many say that Vision Posters are more powerful than traditional goal setting as they work on a subconscious level and therefore go much deeper.

So if you are a visual person like I am then you might prefer this strategy to traditional goal setting. Please share you Vision Board experiences below, I would love to hear about them.

Vision Board Tips

  • Pin up pictures on a board. The board can then evolve and develop over time.
  • Get together with your best friends to create your Board; it’s even more fun that way.


Below is a picture of an example of a Vision Board.