Day 3 of the Health Advent

Peppermint: The oil of a Buoyant heart

Note: Peppermint has the Phenols, Sesquiterpenes and Monoterpenes in it …we remember how those compounds assist our cellular health? Research for yourself to understand better!

1xPhenolic Alcohols 34-44%, 3xKetones 15-25%, 10xMonoterpenes 6-15%, 8xSesquiterpenes 5-10%, 3xEsters 4-9%, 3xOxides 3-9%, 1xFuranoids 3-8%, 3xAlcohols 2-6%, 1xSesquiterpenols 1-2%, 1xFuranocoumarins 0-1%, 1xSulphide 0-1%

This is an oil that can bring lightness, joy and buoyancy to the heart and soul. Feel like you are gliding through life, lifting out of the darkness and emotional trials for a short time. This is a great oil to use at times when one feels disheartened. Can give one a short breather from the emotions that are difficult to deal with.

EMOTIONS ADDRESSED: Unbearable pain, intense darkeness, heaviness, pessimistic, muddled.