Unfolding of Self Love

I remember a time where I put everything and everyone else first. I used to work so hard to achieve goals to make others proud rather than connecting with myself. I didn’t even think whether activities brought me joy but rather whether they could get me wealth. I used to spend time with people just because I thought I had to, without realising that I always have a choice. I am not even sure if I ever really knew myself. Perhaps I used all these different projects to mask up the void. Perhaps I bought all these many things to mask the void.

One of the best gifts for me was when I got very sick last year. I can say that now because I can see how precious this journey has been. At times it felt like I was being torn into single pieces. I was forced to slow down whereas I had always been busy doing as much as I could fit into any day. I learned to become quiet and connect with myself by paying attention to my breath. I learned about my values and what lights me up.

I discovered the type of people that bring out the best in me. I started to pay attention again to nature with all its wonders. Nature can have this wonderful balancing effect. There is nothing like a walk with the wind in my hair to blow heavy feelings from my day away. Self love to me is taking the time to give myself exactly what I need. Self love is putting your own needs first. When you know exactly that you are low on sleep it might mean that you give a night out a miss and take care of yourself. When you have had a crazy day and you don’t know what to do next perhaps take a bath and massage some massage oil into your tired body.

Only you will know what you need and how to love yourself more. Self love means not being afraid of the calm or the lack of noise but looking forward to connect with yourself over and over again. When you love yourself you feel whole and you are no longer looking for outside things or people to make you happy. You will only ever be able to truly give unconditional love with all your heart if you have experienced it yourself.