Day 11 of the Health Advent

Stress Away – The oil of Comfort
A relaxing, calming aroma that can give a sense of security, grounding and peace.  A combination of Coapiba, Lavender, Cedarwood , Ocotea and Lime brings a balance of essential oils that can address our body systems needs and leave you feeling very relaxed.
Emotions addressed:  frustration, aggravation, anxiety, panic, fear.

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Discovering Epstein-Barr

One of my favourite bloggers in the health world is Organic Olivia. Olivia is a real gem. She puts in so much love into her research and shares it on her wonderful website  A couple of months ago Olivia shared a post on Instagram about Anthony William who is also called the Medical Medium. Since Anthony has been four years old he has been able to hear the voice of spirit who has taught him about many health related issues. In his book Medical Medium he shares the secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal. At first I only started following Anthony on Instagram but after I had listened to a couple of his podcasts I was hooked.

I ordered his book in order to finally find out more about the symptoms I had been experiencing since last year. Some of the symptoms include an under active thyroid and I have been also deficient in minerals that I have struggled to replenish so far. My naturopath has had a huge impact on my journey however even she could not understand why  my mineral levels continue to be on the low end of the scale. In the beginning I also had major issues with my digestion which thankfully have not been a problem for a while. Also regular anxiety and panic attacks became part of my life. The panic attacks have probably been some of the worst parts. Over time I have found though that through meditation and hypnosis I have been able to keep them under control so that I can live a normal life. Chronic Fatigue has also had quite an impact on me and I find that I by far do no longer have the same energy I used to have. I need so much more sleep. And you do not want to meet to meet me if I have not had enough sleep. Without sufficient sleep I turn into a monster… And the imbalanced hormones also did not help the situation.

In his book Anthony shares how most of us have the Epstein Barr Virus but that it lies dormant within most of us waiting for the right moment to strike. In a lot of situation the virus becomes active when we are going through very stressful situations. This was also the case for me. Building several businesses, selling and buying a house and of course having a job that required me to handle the workload of 2-3 people. Your body certainly go es to battle with the virus but depending on how depleted your immune system is from what you have been through it may struggle to fight it off. The virus will also have a go at one or more of your major organs. Once it settles in an organ doctors will struggle to locate the virus. Your body thinks it has won and the virus continues its journey in damaging your body. This also explains why often your body may be acidic if you have the virus no matter how clean your diet is. The Epstein Barr loves to go for organs such as the liver, according to Anthony, as it thrives on poisons and the liver has the main job of cleansing within your body.

After reading the Medical Medium book I was shocked to see how many symptoms people may have as part of having the virus. Examples include Candida, Migraines, Shingles, Autism, Depression, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Premenstrual Syndrome and even Lyme Disease. If you have any of these conditions you  have nothing to loose in getting Anthony Williams book. I have started implementing some of Anthony’s recommendations and I am continuing to feel better. At the beginning of this year I wasn’t able to even exercise and would only manage to go for slow walks in our neighbourhood. I have just started to rebound again and I have missed it a lot. The Medical Medium book made me excited about the future and I feel that this book will continue to have a massive impact on many lives.

My Journey with Anxiety

I remember about 3 months ago when I was in a management meeting on the forth floor and it felt like the floor was going to collapse under me. I wasn’t in the impacts of a natural disaster or a building structure failure. Rather I was feeling the impacts that anxiety can have. Daily fears and worries on the high end of the scale were part of my day. I found it very hard to switch off or even relax. My mind was constantly going and when I think back the thoughts I had were silly. Only under rare circumstances would the floor underneath give in. I was struggling with this daily. I never used to be like that and I definetely didn’t recognise myself. Mental disorders never used to make sense to me. I also never thought it would happen to me.

About a bit over 2 months ago I came across a video on YouTube where this super inspirational lady shared her path and how she recovered. In short she discovered meditation. She made it a daily practice. I didn’t have much to loose and I certainly wanted a break from all those worries. I started off small with 10 to 15 minutes a day. Gradually I increased it where I now do 30 minutes every single morning before I go to work. And yes I do get up at 5am in order to get this me time but the benefits have been worth it. I feel much calmer and I bounce back much quicker from stressful situations. I have also noticed that my work has become much better.

I hope that by sharing my experience it might inspire someone that suffers from the daily struggles of anxiety to look into and try meditation. In future posts I will be sharing some of my favourite techniques with you so make sure to subscribe so that you will not miss out.