Gratitude Day 5 – Like a Flower Without the Sun

If there was no sun most of the plants and flowers would not be able to survive. The sun is a crucial source where plants get their nutrition from in order to thrive. The body is exactly the same. Our body needs critical nutrients and trace minerals in order to function at its best and to support all the systems and processes. Without the right trace minerals we would lose electrolyte balance in the cells and this can then contribute to premature ageing and heart disease.

Today I am grateful for Mineral Essence by Young Living. This is one of my key supplements that I use to support my health. Mineral Essence contains over 62 ionic trace minerals, royal jelly, honey and essential oils to support absorption. As you can see I always make sure I have enough in my fridge!


Young Living conducted extensive research in order to determine that seawater and essential oils optimise conditions for a first rate mineral formula. Minerals also need to be perfectly balanced otherwise if an element is in excess it may create a reduced level in another element.

I love this company so much because at the centre of everything that they do is the creation of products that are of purpose. It is about supporting a better life. If you would like to find out more about my passion then click on the Transformation tab on the top menu.




Gratitude Day 4 – Ships of Friends

Life is like a rollercoaster. Some days it feels like we are on top of the world. Other days we wish things were going according to our expectations. This can be compared to the seasons in a year. We go through rough winters that can often shape us and teach us lessons. In spring we sow the needs for our harvest. Perhaps we put in extra hours in building our business or in learning a new skill. By the time summer arrives things are in full bloom and we are starting to harvest from our efforts. During autumn we finish harvesting and also store extras away for when winter comes around.
Today I am grateful for friendships. I am  referring to special bonds that stand the test of time. No matter whether you are going through good or bad times, that friend that is there for you to eat chocolates with, pick you up when you are down and is able to sing back the  song of your heart if you have forgotten the lyrics. These relationships should always be treasured with love.

Gratitude Day 3 – The Shaved Head

Today I talked to someone that only just recently shaved his hair off. I asked why he had made the decision. He continued that he was currently undergoing chemotherapy and his hair had started to fall out. 

I am grateful today that I am healthy and simply to enjoy another day on this beautiful earth. As I write this I was thinking we take the little things for granted until I realised that most often it is the bigger things we take for granted. We take it for granted to be alive. We take it for granted to be healthy and yes we take it for granted to be able to walk. It is often that until we no longer have something that we take it for granted. 

Today take time to enjoy what you may consider normal and be fully present in that moment. 

Gratitude Day 2 – The Driver that Changes Everything

We all get those days where it seems to be that little bit harder to get up. Often it might be during the week when most of us go to a job. It can feel like the bed is holding you captive and it seems harder to make that first step out of bed.

Today I am grateful for a very special bus driver. He is the kind of person that greets everyone with a BIG smile. He adds little comments as the passengers come onboard such as “only 2 days to go until the weekend”. This driver is also the only driver that I have seen that wishes everyone a great day as the bus pulls into the train station.

What an impact could we all have on this world we live in if we only shared a smile with someone or truly cared with love? Perhaps there would be a shift where we might start looking forward to the weekdays and realise how truly powerful our attitude to life is.

High Above the Clouds

I am typing this while we are on our way to Kuala Lumpur. We got these dirt cheap flights from Perth with Malindo Air for around $ 300 return (can you believe it?!) so we decided it was time to explore this big city. There is something special about exploring a place you have not been to before and it is like you are expanding your horizons. Over time I am learning to let go and be more in the moment rather than having to be in control all the time. That means I choose to not pre book tours and preplan everything. To let the experience unfold. 

The more you travel the more you figure out those little tricks that make flights even more enjoyable. Have you ever gotten to the gate and seen a certain type of kid that looked like a handful? You board your plane and take your designated seat. As the plane fills up the seats next to you are still empty. You are already thinking this couldn’t possibly get any better. Then you realise that the energiser bunny kid is in the row next to you. As the lights are turned off the kid has a tantrum… By the time you get off the flight you are more exhausted than after a marathon.

When I tried this for the first time I was amazed. How effective yet simple it was. You put these funky coloured ear plugs in and it is like you are in another world. The scene around you becomes much more peaceful. Noises don’t bother you as much and you arrive at your destination much more relaxed. 

Gratitude Day 1 – Stress as a Teacher

I had one of these nights  last night with tons of questions in my head. I feel like at times my life is missing purpose. I feel like at times I am trying to fill a gap with all the wrong things. This morning I remembered that happiness is an inside job. I kept asking myself how to turn things around and live life with more meaning.

Then during my lunch break it dawned on me that in order to bring more goodness into your life gratitude is key. So commencing today I am starting a gratitude challenge where I share my little nuggets of bliss with you.

Today I am grateful for medical medium and all the wonderful posts he shares on his instagram account. The message today “stress is impermanent”. This means  that this too shall pass. Look at stress like a teacher that has the capacity to turn you into a better version of yourself if you let it. Surrender and ask yourself what is the lesson in this?

Discovering Epstein-Barr

One of my favourite bloggers in the health world is Organic Olivia. Olivia is a real gem. She puts in so much love into her research and shares it on her wonderful website  A couple of months ago Olivia shared a post on Instagram about Anthony William who is also called the Medical Medium. Since Anthony has been four years old he has been able to hear the voice of spirit who has taught him about many health related issues. In his book Medical Medium he shares the secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal. At first I only started following Anthony on Instagram but after I had listened to a couple of his podcasts I was hooked.

I ordered his book in order to finally find out more about the symptoms I had been experiencing since last year. Some of the symptoms include an under active thyroid and I have been also deficient in minerals that I have struggled to replenish so far. My naturopath has had a huge impact on my journey however even she could not understand why  my mineral levels continue to be on the low end of the scale. In the beginning I also had major issues with my digestion which thankfully have not been a problem for a while. Also regular anxiety and panic attacks became part of my life. The panic attacks have probably been some of the worst parts. Over time I have found though that through meditation and hypnosis I have been able to keep them under control so that I can live a normal life. Chronic Fatigue has also had quite an impact on me and I find that I by far do no longer have the same energy I used to have. I need so much more sleep. And you do not want to meet to meet me if I have not had enough sleep. Without sufficient sleep I turn into a monster… And the imbalanced hormones also did not help the situation.

In his book Anthony shares how most of us have the Epstein Barr Virus but that it lies dormant within most of us waiting for the right moment to strike. In a lot of situation the virus becomes active when we are going through very stressful situations. This was also the case for me. Building several businesses, selling and buying a house and of course having a job that required me to handle the workload of 2-3 people. Your body certainly go es to battle with the virus but depending on how depleted your immune system is from what you have been through it may struggle to fight it off. The virus will also have a go at one or more of your major organs. Once it settles in an organ doctors will struggle to locate the virus. Your body thinks it has won and the virus continues its journey in damaging your body. This also explains why often your body may be acidic if you have the virus no matter how clean your diet is. The Epstein Barr loves to go for organs such as the liver, according to Anthony, as it thrives on poisons and the liver has the main job of cleansing within your body.

After reading the Medical Medium book I was shocked to see how many symptoms people may have as part of having the virus. Examples include Candida, Migraines, Shingles, Autism, Depression, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, Premenstrual Syndrome and even Lyme Disease. If you have any of these conditions you  have nothing to loose in getting Anthony Williams book. I have started implementing some of Anthony’s recommendations and I am continuing to feel better. At the beginning of this year I wasn’t able to even exercise and would only manage to go for slow walks in our neighbourhood. I have just started to rebound again and I have missed it a lot. The Medical Medium book made me excited about the future and I feel that this book will continue to have a massive impact on many lives.

Grandma knows best…

When I was little and had the flu I used to inhale warm steam to remedy a blocked nose and to help clear any congestion in the airways. At times it worked that well that it felt like a volcano had just erupted with full force. The lava was flooding down faster than I could grab my tissues. The feeling after the inhalation was one to remember. A memory of a sudden sensation of freedom in the airways and I felt like I could conquer anything… at least for a few minutes. As they say, better out than in.


Nowadays I pop up my little Aroma Dome tent and let all the essential oil particles (I love using RC, an eucalyptus blend for this purpose) conquer the demons in my nose. I use the Aroma Dome with the AromaLux diffuser. The AromaLux allows you to set the volume and allows you to also set time intervals. I also find that when I use the set together with an oil such as lavender it helps to ease my worries of the day away.

You might have heard that everything is energy and everything vibrates at its own level. For example the Epstein-Barr virus is equivalent to 52 MHz. High quality essential oils range from 52 MHz upward. Therefore in order to help your body and support your immune system it is beneficial to pick an oil that has a higher vibration. The quality of your essential oils will affect the vibration so it pays to make sure you are getting the best quality you can  afford. I prefer Young Living oils as the company owns its own farms and has very stringent quality standards.

To find out more about Young Living click on the Transformation tab on the top menu.



Affirmations on Steriods

A goal is a like a seed. If the seed is given the right environment it may turn into a stunning flower or a tree that will bear fruit for years to come. Though in order for that seed to sprout it will need to find its way in the dark, it will become undone and the seed will completely change.

Affirmations set the scene and are like the environment for the seed. They create the conditions so that the seed or in this case the goal will be able to come to flourish. Affirmations are positive statements into which your goals can be incorporated. I love affirmations and they have had an enormous impact in my life.

We all get those not so good days in life. It is almost like you get out of bed and from that point things start to fall over. This effect feels like a chain reaction. Once things start to fall over you generally wonder whether it would have been smarter to stay in bed. To see whether affirmations actually work why not do an experiment on one of those days. Start telling yourself “it is an awesome day and everything flows easily and effortlessly” and see what happens.

Last weekend I learned about AfFORMations by reading Noah St John’s book (The Afformation Book). In his book he recognises that often when we start using affirmations we might not believe what we are actually saying. This is called the belief gap. For example if you are using the statement “I am rich” that little voice in your head might go “Seriously? Have you seen the balance in your bank account?” Do you know that little voice in your head? That little voice that is not exactly most encouraging and supportive. Sometimes you wonder whether you could just give this voice a serious beating to take down its volume. However there is a strategy that might be able to help.

The author proposes to transform your affirmations into questions. When you ask yourself a question you will find that your brain is searching for an answer even if you do not know the answer yet. Your brain assumes that the statement made within the question is already true! This makes the use of afFORMations much more powerful.

Here are the steps so that you can start using afformations today:

  1. Transform your affirmations into afformations. It is important to start the question with why. For example for the affirmation “I am rich” you could use the afformation “Why did I become rich so easily?”
  2. For each afformation list three actions that you can do today and of course start taking action. For afformations to work you still need to take action. Do not worry whether it is the perfect action but just do something that will move you closer to your goals.
  3. Use your afformations daily. You can say them out loud, you can do your own recordings, you can write them out and you can read them. And even better, do all of the above.


If you implement the above steps then please share your experiences in the comments below.

A Different Way of Goal Setting

A few years back my husband and I decided to go hot air ballooning for our birthdays. We went to the Avon Valley in Western Australia and it was truly am experience. The hard part was that we had to get up in the middle of the night but it was well worth it.

Once our guides had located the right starting position, the hot air balloon was prepared and we were on our way. The views were breath taking especially as the sun rose. Beneath us we would hear sheep especially as we slowly started descending. I was very surprised but the landing was rather smooth. Apparently it can get rough depending on the weather and the first point of contact.


A few weeks after the experience my husband and I were chatting along when he pointed to the Vision Board I had made a few years ago. Back then I had put a picture of a hot air balloon on and the interesting thing was that it looked exactly the same as the one we flew in. Some might say coincidence but there were two balloons the morning we took our flight so we also could have ended up in the other balloon that looked nothing like the one on the Vision Board I had created.

So you might wonder what a Vision Board is. In order to make a Vision Board you need to find pictures of what you would like in life and your goals, cut them out and stick or pin them on a background. You can print pictures or even cut them out of magazines. Once you have finished your Board you need to hang it up in a spot where you will be able to see of every single day on multiples occasions. For example I hung mine up in the bedroom.

Many say that Vision Posters are more powerful than traditional goal setting as they work on a subconscious level and therefore go much deeper.

So if you are a visual person like I am then you might prefer this strategy to traditional goal setting. Please share you Vision Board experiences below, I would love to hear about them.

Vision Board Tips

  • Pin up pictures on a board. The board can then evolve and develop over time.
  • Get together with your best friends to create your Board; it’s even more fun that way.


Below is a picture of an example of a Vision Board.


Fear of Failure

Sometimes fear of failure paralises us. We are no longer able to move. We are no longer able to take action and move into the direction of our dreams. The important thing to realise is that we all have fears and worries. Some of us are able to put these aside easier than others and still take action. Fear stands for false evidense appearing real.

When we are babies we are unware of what failure is. When we begin to walk we all fall over occassionally. Yet we still get up again and have another go. When we are that young we don’t care of what others think. Every time we fall over we get up again.
I find that often my fears are worse in my head than in reality. The funny thing is once we start listening to our thoughts and start questioning them something changes. We are slowly peeling away the layers. A bit like an onion we peel away the layers and slowly get closer to our core. We realise the things that are really important. We might find our true why as to why we have a certain dream. Once you find your why it will continue to drive you and you will be able to take a step at a time to get closer to that goal.

I believe that it is better to have failed and given something that you are patient about a real go. Otherwise you might wonder one day what if….

Ancient Grain Cookies fresh from the oven…

Sunday afternoon. The house is filled with the warm and rich smell of  Italian cookies baking in the oven. One of those magical moments. There is something special about sharing nourishing and comforting foods with the people you love and are close with. A good cup of tea and lots of laughs are a fun way to end the week.

I love using the Young Living einkorn flour in my baking. Einkorn is an ancient grain and is the only wheat that has never been hybridized. Einkorn remains unaltered for thousands of years. Einkorn also contains roughly 30% more protein than modern wheat. Due to einkorn’s low gluten content it is easier to digest than modern wheat. Better digestion often translates into better nutrient absorption.

So get out your baking utensils and let’s get baking!


  • 1/2 cup rapadura sugar
  • 270g einkorn flour
  • pinch of baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp fine Himalayan sea salt
  • 6 tbsp organic olive oil
  • 6 tbsp dry white wine
  1. On a small plate set aside 1 tbsp of the sugar.
  2. Mix sugar, einkorn flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl.
  3. Add the olive oil to the flour mix and stir with a fork until the content goes clumpy.
  4. Add the wine and continue mixing until the dough absorbs the liquid.
  5. Cover bowl with plastic wrap.
  6. Place bowl in the fridge to rest for 30 minutes.
  7. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.
  8. Once the 30 minutes are up shape the cookies into your desired shape.
  9. Sprinkle a little sugar over them.
  10. Bake for just over 20 minutes in the oven.
  11. Leave to cool completely.
  12. Enjoy with your favourite cup of tea!

This is certainly one of my favourite recipes from Carla Bartolucci’s cookbook “Einkorn – Recipes for Nature’s Original Wheat”. In this cookbook you can find lots of recipes to bake breads, sweets and savoury goodies with your favourite Einkorn Flour.