The Question that Could Change Your Health…

” We long for a body we don’t have, yet we don’t nourish the body that we do have.”

Health is not about deprivation but rather nourishment. We look in the mirror every day and most of us are not happy with what we see and we wish we had a different body. How do we come to make peace with the body we have? Self love and acceptance pays a crucial role in this.

Perhaps the deprivation comes from a place where too many of us think that we are not enough. I remember when I was little I dreamed of becoming a singer. At the time my dad told me that it was very competitive and that it is hard to become the best. Of course my memory from this moment may not be the most accurate but from this I started to believe that I would not stand a chance.

Believes like this can affect us years after if we let them. Our mind plays a crucial role in our success.

What if we asked ourselves every day on how we can nourish and strengthen our body to become healthier and stronger? What could we accomplish and how good could we feel?

Here are 3 simple tips to help you nourish yourself more every day:

  1. Ask yourself what food(s) can I add today that will nourish my body to become healthier?
  2. What exercise can I do today that will help make my body stronger?
  3. Repeat the affirmation “I am enough” and perhaps write it on your bathroom mirror.


What If We All Build Each Other Up?

This has happened to all of us. We are in the change room trying on the cutest jeans we have ever seen. As we pull them up we notice that things are looking a little tight. In other words they are looking too tight. Yet we still try and pull. In the end we are forced to give up. We might blame it on our thighs that are too big or perhaps even our hips that are too large. I know I have certainly felt that way in a change room. Immediately you start all the negative self talk. Damn… those chips that I ate. I knew I need to work out harder. Or perhaps.. well this would not happen to. We literally tear ourselves down.

The rise of social media is certainly not helping the situation. We are bombarded with pictures of all these perfect looking people that appear to have perfect lives. But how many of us actually realise that a lot of these pictures are filtered and those people only put the best pictures of themselves out. They only put the pictures out that they want you to see.

We all have insecurities. We don’t all submit that we do. No matter what size or shape we are. What if we build each other up instead of tearing each other down? How would this shift the world that we live in? What if we spread love, love to each other and love toward ourselves.

In her TedX talk Iskra Lawrence covers some tools to help and practice self care and love:

  • List or think about 5 things that you love about yourself
  • List or think about 5 things that you are grateful about which your body has done or enabled you to do
  • List or think about 5 things that you are grateful about.

In the comments below please share any self care or love strategies that you practice and if you like how these have affected your life. This will add to a resource for all of us when we are in those situations where we feel lost or like crying because negative body images.



How Trust Could Make or Break You

Monday night I was enjoying my hot bath doing some evening reading when I learned a very important component. I was reading the Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. In his book Stephen describes what an impact trust can have on business or relationships in any area of live.

Here are the rules

  • When trust goes up, speed goes up and cost goes down
  • When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up

Remember the horrific events on 9/11? After this tragedy occurred there were more security measures introduced at airports. Naturally people were scared and did not have much trust in travel anymore. This meant that due to the extra security measures it took longer and therefore the speed of getting around airports went down. As a result because extra security measures were installed extra fees were added to the airfares, making it more expensive to travel. This example really brought it home for me and made me realise how important trust and relationships are in all areas of life.

I came to think about my business in Young Living. In Australia essential oils generally only fall under the cosmetic category. In Australia Young Living has 31 essential oils that have been certified as food safe. Young Living has top tier golden standards with the first of its kind in the whole industry. This results in only clean and pure products. I am proud to be a distributor of a company that puts purity first and rejects any oils that do not meet its high standards. Anyone that I have met and has tried these oils has been blown away. The company creates trust not only with its customers but also regulatory bodies due to its high standards. This ensures that the company can grow faster.

How does trust fit into your life?





A male friend of mine loves to try all different kinds of hair styles. Of course only the kind of hair styles he likes. He is the kind of person that does not care about what others think of him. So he decided to get dreadlocks.

He told me how he went to work and all people were massively shocked. His co workers hardly knew what to say. After he had the hairstyle for three months he decided to shave his head. Again his co workers were speechless.

This story of dreadlocks made me think about life. I realised that my friend has the guts the live life on his own terms. He creates his own experiences and lives life according to what he enjoys. Therefore make sure to make the most of every day. There is nothing more sad than to have missed out on something you wanted to do. Life is precious and you are ultimately in control!

Is It Already Monday Again?

…5am. The sound of the alarm is invading the house. My body is not very responsive. I am sure it must be Sunday. One glance at the phone and I realise it is Monday again. The weekends always seem to fly past. Before I know it the reality called Monday kicks in again and I drag myself out of bed. The thought of work doesn’t excite me. All too often I think that there must be more to life than going to a job 5 days a week…

On average most of us end up spending 30% at work or in other words 25-30 years equivalent. Considering that this is a huge chunk of a lifetime it is alarming to think that most of us are not happy at work. We go to a job that we do not enjoy or even hate, every single day. We keep wishing it was the weekend. We keep wishing our life away.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. After all we do not know how much time we get on this gorgeous planet or how much time we get to spend doing the things that really light us up. What if there was a way to do work that makes you come alive? What if there was work that would make you feel whole once again? What if there was work that would make you feel balanced? We need to realise that no one is going to come and save us. It is up to each of us to take our life in our hands and take responsibility for what lies ahead.

As Khalil Gibran put it “Work is Love made Visible”.

Could This Simple Tool Change Your Experience?

In her TedX talk Dawn Goldworm describes the ability to control emotions and influence behaviour with one underutilised sense. New mothers are aware of this technique and even Hitler used this knowledge in his speeches.

When we are still in our mother’s womb the only thing that passes the amniotic fluid is smell. Until we are about 10 years old our sense of smell is our primary sense. When we are young we link smells with emotions which form our experiences and world. This process is also how powerful memories are formed. A smell can take us back in time and allows us to describe a certain situation with incredible precision.

I remember when we used to go on holidays my dad would always have fresh coffee in the car. Naturally I associate the smell of fresh coffee with being on holiday and the smell, even though I do not drink coffee, always makes me feel good.

Mothers know that if they have a blanket with her own smell on it that this will soothe their babies when they are no longer holding it. Hitler ensured that smell was spread throughout the room well before he gave his speeches to create the mood.

Omo, a washing detergent, hired analysts to find out what was important to customers when they washed their laundry. What they discovered was that hardly anyone would hold their freshly washed laundry into the sun to see how clean it was but people actually smelled their laundry.

In the past this sense has often been underutilised considering that the sense of smell has the power to change the way we see the world. Smell can create memories. Perhaps we should consider making it part to better our customers experience.

The scents that we like are determined mostly by our culture, our living environment and our generation. Our sense of smell comes from the limbic system in the brain which has no capacity for language. However the interesting thing is that the limbic system is responsible for emotions which is part of why scents and emotions can form such powerful links.  Have you noticed that often we may not be able to explain a smell but rather we are able to describe on how a certain smell makes us feel. Scent is one of the most powerful ways that can make us feel good.


Are You Choosing Happiness?

Every day when we wake up we have a choice. We have a choice on how we want to feel. We have a choice on whether we want to be happy. Most people let life happen to them and never realise that they always have a choice. Do you choose happiness?

It is never too late to choose again. What does to be truly happy mean to you and what do you need to do in order to be happy? Do you need to forgive the past? Gabrielle Bernstein says that happiness is directly linked to the willingness and ability to surrender. We can always choose to go with love and peace instead. We can always choose to reconnect to our soul.

In my opinion happiness is linked on how fast you can come back to love. Often when we find ourselves in a difficult situation with someone and we get annoyed, we do not actually realise that the other person is also within us. If the attribute that is in the other person would not be in ourselves too then we would not get annoyed in the first place.

When I first got to know my mother in law, I used to get so annoyed because I got the feeling she always needed to be in control. After a while when I thought about the whole situation I realised that at the time I am a control freak as well which triggered the discomfort within me. From that moment on I choose to see the relationship with love since I knew that a part of my mother in law is also within me.

When you feel helpless and do not know how you could possibly choose happiness choose to help another person. Get out of your own way and be of service which will reconnect you to the universe and shift your vibration.

Be who you want to be rather than dance around that person. Ask yourself daily how can I be who I want to be?