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One of the many things that makes me so proud to be part of Young Living is that at the core the company is about transforming lives, both from a wellness perspective but also from a financial point of view. Most become part of Young Living to adopt a more preventative approach to health. Along the way we all seem to get hooked on the super effective products and before you know it you start raving to everyone you know about them.

I believe there is a way to do business from the heart in which you share out of love for the other person. You share because you want them to have the best in life. You share because you want them to have all the abundance in this world. In the end everyone needs to make their own choices and we all know what is right for us.

My husband and I have formed the World of Oils Community where we share knowledge and also business tools. A special place where we can all connect and share this special Young Living journey together. Our community is made up of very special people that want to live their life to the fullest and that want to take charge of their life.

If you want to become part of our special community the first step is to become a member using the following link

Member Sign Up

Make sure that you tick to become a member as this entitles you to a saving of 24% of the retail price. There is no obligation to build your own business however if you ever decide that this is the right thing for you, then you have the option.

It is critical that your Sponsor ID and Enroller ID shows 1480440. Once you have completed the sign up drop me a note via the contact page that shows on the top menu with your member ID so I can add you to our community.

For the first order I always recommend the premium starter kit with dewdrop diffuser ($249 AUD) as this kit gives you the most value for your money. This kit comes with 11 x 5ml oils and sets most people up well on their journey to discovering what the oils can do in their life. Also included is the dewdrop diffuser (pictured below) which is on of my absolute favourites. There is far more expensive diffusers but this one stands out for me. It runs for up to 4 hours and is quiet enough to have it going throughout the night. I often put some lavender or peace and calming in at bedtime.


Steps to get you started:

  1. Go to Member Sign Up
  2. Ensure that you select Member instead of Retail Customer so that you are entitled to 24% off the retail price. Only if you select Member you will be able to get the kit and get the discount.
  3. In the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID field enter 1480440.
  4. Fill out all of the information. We do not pressure anyone into the business side as this is a personal choice and only you will know what is right for you.
  5. Make sure to write down your user name, pin and password as you will need this information to log into the website going forward.
  6. Select the premium starter kit with dewdrop diffuser ($249 AUD. Cost varies in other markets).
  7. Scroll to the essential rewards section. This is where you have the option to receive a monthly order that you can cancel at any time.
  8. Read the terms and conditions. Select “I agree”.
  9. Confirm your enrollment information.
  10. Add any other products you wish to order. If you order 300 points worth of products in addition to the kit, then you will receive the kit for FREE plus any monthly incentives will be added automatically.
  11. Complete check out.
  12. Congratulations you are a Member! Once of the most exciting things is to receive your first order and start experimenting. The best thing about your membership is that it will stay active for as long as you order 50 points worth of products every year.


If you have any questions at all get in touch with me via the contact page shown in the top menu. I am always happy to provide guidance.

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