Day 16 of the Health Advent

Cedarwood – The Oil of Nurturing

4x Sesquiterpenes 55-90%, 3x Sesquiterpenols 20-40%, 4x Sesquiterpenones 14-25%

Cedarwood can help relax and nurture your spirit as well as calm and ease nervous tension. This essential oil can shelter you in those moments of need. A warming and relaxing oil for daily well-being, self-acceptance and love.

Emotions addressed: Nervousness, fear, trepidation.


Day 7 of the Health Advent

Digize – The Oil of Freedom
Digize can be uplifting to the spirit and stimulating to the senses.  This is an amazing oil to release the beliefs and attitudes we lock into our gut.  We often will say ‘what does your gut say’ and we hold expressions there that can sometimes hold us back from reaching for the stars.  Listen to your gut feelings and use Digize to assist in moments of fear.  This oil can bring a sense of compassion to a situation, taking you from hopelessness to hopeful.

If you would like more information on this oil blend then please get in touch via my contact page.