Day 18 of the Health Advent

Myrrh – The Oil of Encouragement
10x Sesquiterpenes 55-75%, 8x Furanoids 20-27%, 3x Ketones 15-20%, 5x Monoterpenes 4-6%, 2x Triterpenes 4-7%, 3x Aldehydes 2-5%, 1x Arenes 2-3%, 3x Carboxylic Acid 1-2%, 2x Phenols 0-2%

Myrrh has been used as a Spiritual oil for over 5,000 years.  Fostering acceptance and trust of our selves.  Nurtuting ourselves and learning to love oneself are the great benefits of applying this oil.

Emotions Addressed:  Disconnection, loathing of self.

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Day 20 of the Health Advent

Hyssop – The Oil of Self
3x Ketones 39-65%, 8x Monoterpenes 20-40%, 3x Sesquiterpenes 3-7%, 

3x Sesquiterpenols 1-5%, 3x Phenols 2-5%, 2x Alcohols 1-2%, 2x Esters 1-3%, 1x Oxides 0-1%

Hyssop is an ancient oil that was mentioned 12 times in the Bible.  It has been used to assist with focus while meditating.  This oil can help those in struggle to re-identify with their true self.  A chance to remove the shackles of trauma, pain and sorrow and to experience happiness and laughter again.  

Emotions addressed:  Pain and anguish.

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Is Your Tank Running Empty?

Health is a very precious topic. Most people don’t appreciate their health until they loose it. All the money in the world will not make you happy if you are seriously sick. Health is like a core need, if you health tank is empty you will not be going very far. Health is like a bank account. You can add to your balance and you can withdraw from your balance. Every time you eat a freshly prepared salad you add to your health bank balance whereas every time you eat fast food you are making a withdrawal from your balance.

There is lots of components that feed into your health. Think of all the areas in your life. Every single area has power over your health. So many people nowadays are not happy with their jobs or are seriously stressed out at work. This can have major implications on your health. What about your family life? Are the friends you are choosing to spend your time with lifting you up or dragging you down? Do you have any hobbies or things that you do that you know exactly make you feel great? All of these examples add to your health bank balance. Most people think that health is only about the food we eat but health is a so much more.

We need to realise that for all that we know we only have this life time on earth and we need to make the choices that we know and feel true. We need to realise that we always have a choice and we can always turn this ship called life around and head towards a destination that will make us feel whole.

Day 17 of the Health Advent

Sandalwood – The Oil of Awareness

2x Sesquiterpenols 66-80%, 2x Sesquiterpenes 5-11%, 1x Sesquiterpenals 1-3%, 1x Carbolic Acid 1-2%

An amazing blend used for meditation. Encourages a sense of very deep relaxation. This oil can awaken the senses, invokes calmness and can rouse your sensuality. Sandalwood can intuitively awaken and initiate the learning of unconditional love.

Emotions addressed: Disconnection from source or higher self.

Day 16 of the Health Advent

Cedarwood – The Oil of Nurturing

4x Sesquiterpenes 55-90%, 3x Sesquiterpenols 20-40%, 4x Sesquiterpenones 14-25%

Cedarwood can help relax and nurture your spirit as well as calm and ease nervous tension. This essential oil can shelter you in those moments of need. A warming and relaxing oil for daily well-being, self-acceptance and love.

Emotions addressed: Nervousness, fear, trepidation.

Day 15 of the Health Advent

Spikenard –  The Oil of Piety

7x Sesquiterpenes 36-50%, 5x Monoterpenes 27-45%, 5x Sesquiterpenols 6-11%, 4x Ketones 7-10%, 1x Phenolic Aldehydes 1-2%, 1x Coumarins, 1x Oxides, 1x Carboxylic Acids 0-1%

Rebelling against power and authoritarians can be released with this oil.  A great oil for all emotional release and higher spiritual connection.  Spikenard was used for centuries as an anointing oil and to induce meditation.  Opens the solar plexus and heart chakras.

Emotions addressed:  Agitation, aggression, hostility
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Day 14 of the Health Advent

Onycha – The Oil of Freedom

Onycha can assist us to leave the shackles that bind us behind, allowing a new freedom of spirit and liberation to grow within.  Using Onycha allows the opportunity to release the energy that restrains and suppresses you and replace that with a freedom and vigour for life.

Emotions addressed:  Rejection, beaten, obliterated.

4x Esters 64-75%, 3x Carboxylic Acid 14-25%, 1x Aldehydes 1-2%, 2x Alcohols 0-2%
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Day 13 of the Health Advent

Galbanum The Oil of Direction

6x Monoterpines 50-95%, 4x Sesquiterpinols 3-5%, 3x Esters 1-3%, 3x Coumarins 0-3%, 1x Carboxylic Acid 0-1%, 1x Diazines –1%, 1x Furanoids 0-1%

An amazing oil to ground you and uplift the spirit.  Galbanum can help us to let go of the old beliefs and embrace new thoughts and programming.  This oil has been used for meditation and can assist you with spiritual guidance.

 Emotions addressed.  Fear, doubt, anxiety, phobias.
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Day 11 of the Health Advent

Stress Away – The oil of Comfort
A relaxing, calming aroma that can give a sense of security, grounding and peace.  A combination of Coapiba, Lavender, Cedarwood , Ocotea and Lime brings a balance of essential oils that can address our body systems needs and leave you feeling very relaxed.
Emotions addressed:  frustration, aggravation, anxiety, panic, fear.

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Day 12 of the Health Advent

Cassia – The Oil of Support

4x Aldehydes 75-85%, 1x Coumarins 6-8%, 6x Phenols 4-10%, 2x Esters 2-6%, 1x Alcohols 2-3%, 2x Carbolic Acids 1-3%

Cassia is a member of the Cinnamon family.  It can be a restful and calming oil.  It helps us to release the barriers to our higher self, our source.  Allowing us to unlock the inhibitions that stop us from achieving our highest potential.

Emotions addressed:  suppression, overwhelm and inhibition


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Day 10 of the Health Advent

RC The Oil of Openness.

Uplifting and energizing.

Opening up the heart and solar plexus chakras is beneficial with RC oil. For anyone who is feeling depleted, holding on to sadness and grief in the heart and lungs can see relief with this oil.

RC oil helps us to express ourselves better in the world, allowing us to embrace joy and hope again.


Day 9 of the Health Advent

Pan Away The oil of Relief

A cooling and energizing oil that promotes wellbeing.

When the body or mind is struggling and near exhaustion this is the oil to use. This is an uplifting oil that can assist in times of being overcome with burn-out. When one is fearful and afraid of expressing emotions, this oil may assist to strengthen ones resolve.

A combination of Wintergreen, Clove, Helichrysum and Peppermint this is a very powerful oil to keep handy in busy times, like the lead up to Christmas.