In August 2015 my husband and I were on a weekend down south as we say here in Perth Australia. We were just going to take some time out and recharge the batteries because the past months had been absolutely crazy. We had bought a new place, sold our current place at the time, I was working on building multiple businesses while working full time in the mining industry and of course aiming to lead a healthy life. Now reading this it sounds crazy and I think I should have seen this coming earlier. In my mind I was superwoman and I had no limits. I could do it all at the same time. Until reality hit me that weekend down south. I was having my morning shower washing my hair. Next thing I know I had this huge chunk of hair in my hand. I am not talking a few strands but a big bunch. The amount that makes you freak out and very concerned. The amount of hair where you know that something is not right.

This is where my journey started…


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