Hips Don’t Lie! Let It Go!

We rush around daily trying to get as many tasks completed as possible. We work in our day jobs and perhaps on the side we are building our own business so that one day we do not have to work for someone else. In the middle of all the hustle we strongly believe that we need to make things happen and often we try to force results or we even start stressing about them. On top of that the coming generations want it all now. Gone are the days where we just accepted that even Rome was not built in one day. Gone are the days where we accepted that perhaps there are lessons that we need to master on the way as part of our journey on this planet.

On the weekend we had mouse stuck in our down pipe that distributes the water from our air conditioner. You are probably thinking what this has to do with business or with our fast paced society. The mouse was stuck with its hips and kept trying to force its way out of the pipe. It got so stressed and burned out from its continuous efforts. Interesting enough after the  mouse actually relaxed and let go we were able to pull it out of the pipe gently as it was stretching.

In life we need to realise that when we take time to take a deep breathe we are able to see situations from a different angle especially when we may feel stuck. Perhaps we are even able to see what is happening at the time as an outsider which allows us to make better decisions and often we are able to become more productive. Many find it hard to give up control and allow life to flow. What if a more mindful approach could drastically transform our experiences?


Author: nickireichert

My passions in life - plant based eating - travelling as often as I can - healthy lifestyle - personal development

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