4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Health Nuts

For some it can be quite stressful when the time comes every year to get a Valentine’s Day gift for their loved one, even more so if they are a health nut. To make things easier I have compiled a list of my favourites to help you find a gift that your precious Valentine will love.

  1. Sheerlume Brightening Elixir Creme ($144.75 AUD or $89.14 USD) by Young Living. This is one of my favourites and must haves. I ran out of this creme a few months ago and I could visibly notice the difference. To order one of these cremes go to www.youngliving.com                                                                                                     
  2. Anthony William’s “Life Changing Foods” Book. This book is a wealth of information on how food can help with ailments and influence how we feel on a day to day basis. Health is all about going back to basics and food does affect our lives every single day.                                                                                                                    aw
  3. Yoga Class Membership. Most yoga studios nowadays offer an unlimited access to classes. For any yoga fan this is huge. Yoga is very close to my heart because it keeps me grounded and balanced ready to take on whatever life throws at me.                     warrior-pose-241611_960_720
  4. Tea. If your loved one why not get them some special tea or even teaware. My favourite tea brands include Teavanna, T2, Yogi Tea or if you want to do something very special then why not mix a tea blend just for them. You can find lots of ideas and recipes online. From there you only  need to order the ingredients,mix and put them into a nice glass jar with a ribbon.                                                                                         wp-1480508596711.jpg



Author: nickireichert

My passions in life - plant based eating - travelling as often as I can - healthy lifestyle - personal development

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