All You Can Drink Tea – Chapels on Whatley

Last weekend my friend took me to Chapels on Whatley in Perth. We both love tea, delicious food and great company so it turned out to be the perfect way to spend Sunday morning.

Chapels is an Asian Western fusion place. From when you step into the cafe it feels like you entering a world far away. Teas are everywhere and lots of tea accessories. As you walk through you get the chance to explore the courtyard at the back filled with lanterns, comfortable settings and a stunning buddha water  feature.

Chapels is certainly a place where you can spend a few hours chilling and enjoying the moment. We took advantage of the all you can drink tea for $5.50 per person. With this offee you get to try all the teas you like within a 2 hour time frame. One of our absolute favourites was the oolong and ginseng tea.

The food also is Asian fusion. We shared the pandan cakes and were not disappointed. The pancakes are perfectly combined with mango and passionfruit coulis topped with toasted coconut. My taste buds were happily dancing. If you are a tea lover and haven’t checked out Chapels make sure you do.

Detach from the Situation

Sometimes we can get so caught up in a situation that it blinds our vision. Perhaps an opportunity that did not go according to our “planned” outcome. We might carry on for weeks without realising that this attachment is blocking us energetically. We no longer see what is really out there and the bliss in our life temporarily fades away.

Time to detach and let go of the situation. It might even be the time to stop seeing the people involved even just for a little while so that we can feel what we need to feel in order to heal and move on. Trust that peace is within us and also within the situation.

The Importance of Love

Today I asked myself how I could continue growing my business faster. As I meditated on this question I came across a message online that I felt was so true. The importance is to focus on the content rather than the frame. In other words focus on putting love into your work rather than focusing on things such as how many blog posts that you do or how many site visits you have. Continue to ensure that your content and your actions serve and help others in their lives. 

There is a time for everything and we generally do not know that timing. Acceptance and patience, even if it isn’t easy. We are only in control of the now.

Focus on spreading your truth and your light. Focus on love.

Gratitude Day 9 – Greens

One of my favourite books at the moment is “Life Changing Foods” by Medical Medium. Anthony writes that when people are feeling stuck or lost, unsure where to go next, leafy greens may be the way forward. They help to clean away at stored up emotions and help to ease them out of your life. As Anthony puts it this can be a very freeing experience.

I remember last year greens would irritate me. Perhaps because I wasn’t ready to let go of all the stored up things. I feel like I am finally ready to let go and move forward. So gradually I have been introducing more greens so that I can make room for new experiences.

Today I am grateful for my green power drink. I blended up a huge handful of pea sprouts, coconut water and aloe vera flesh that I have cut off my plant in the garden. I aim to rotate the greens as much as possible to ensure I am getting a variety of nutrients.

Gratitude Day 8 – Perfection Lesson

My meditation this morning took me to this beautiful place. We all strive for perfection but only few of us realise that the perfection is in the journey. There will always be cracks because that is how the light gets in (quote from Leonard Cohen). And without the cracks there would be no journey. Our growth is the perfection.

I thought about this. In my past job I used to always be in a hurry, i woud beat myself up if I didnt do things perfect, if I didnt complete them within the time frame I wanted to or if things didn’t turn out perfect. Yet when I let go of all the pressure and perfection things flow. When I let go my productivity goes up, I have great ideas without searching hard and  of course things don’t get to me as easily. This is when the process and the journey become the perfection.

Gratitude Day 7 – The Power of Attention

Every morning I meditate before I head out the door. I find it sets me up for the day. I feel more balanced and grounded. This practice gives me a chance to process things that are happening in my life and helps to remove blockages too.

This morning I completed a mediation by Davidji on Attention. If you have never heard of Davidji make sure you check out his meditations that you can listen to for free on Soundcloud. Very rarely do I get goose bumps when I meditate but with Davidji.

The meditation was all about attention. What you put your attention on is where your energy goes and what is most likely to expand in your life. However it is just as important what your intention is. Do you have an intention of love or perhaps fear? In other words what type of energy, positive or negative, are you putting into your attention? What would you like more of in your life?

Gratitude Day 6 – Wildlife Rescue

After I got home I got changed to go for an evening walk with my husband. As we were about to grab the keys one of our cats Jerry got very vocal. Jerry continued so my husband Manuel went to have a look. There was a pigeon in our backyard that didn’t seem to be able to fly and kept falling over every time it tried to walk. As it was getting darker and there are many cats in the neighbourhood, we got in touch with wildlife rescue in order to get it to a safe place where it would be cared for.

Today I am grateful for Wildlife Rescue and all that they do to care for animals and help them recover. They shine their love for animals on this planet and make it a better place.